Competition Bulletin November 2021

Table of Contents

01  Selected CNMC merger decisions, May-November 2021.
02  Merger-to-monopoly: port services.  The CNMC approves with commitments the creation of a 50/50 joint venture in the Port of Barcelona (Decision of 27 July 2021, MOORING & PORT SERVICES, S.L./ CEMESA AMARRES BARCELONA, S.A., file C/1134/20).
03  Other problematic mergers.
04  Gun-jumping:  The CNMC fines Albia Gestión de Servicios S.L.U. (Decision of 13 July 2021, ALBIA/ TANATORIOS MOSTOLES, file SNC/DC/045/21).
05  Restrictive agreements / State Road Network.  Bid-rigging of road maintenance and operation services (Decision of 17 August 2021, CONSERVACIÓN DE CARRETERAS, file S/0013/19).
06  Restrictive agreements / Film distribution.  Commitments decision involving film distribution majors and an audience measurement company (Decision of 29 September 2021, DISTRIBUCIÓN CINEMATOGRÁFICA, file S/001/19). 
07  Restrictive agreements / Railway network.  The CNMC has fined for bid-rigging the main security, signaling and communications systems companies in connection with the high-speed train’s commuter network in Spain (Decision of 29 September 2021, SEGURIDAD Y COMUNICACIONES FERROVIARIAS, file S/DC/0614/17).
08 Restrictive agreements / Euro 6000.  The CNMC closes with commitments an investigation against EURO 6000 related to access to ATM networks (Decision of 2 November 2021, EURO 6000, file S/0034/19). 
09 Judicial activity / Football Superleague.  Status of proceedings of the European Superleague matter. 
10 Judicial activity  / Milk cartel.  Court issues damages decision in connection with price fixing in milk cartel (Judgement of the Commercial Court nº 1 of Granada of 30 June 2021, appeal number 1722/2015).
 11  Judicial activity / Prohibition to participate in procurement tenders.  The Supreme Court confirms an injunction granted by the High Court to stay a prohibition to participate in public procurement tendering included in a bid-rigging antitrust decision (Judgement of the Supreme Court of 14 September 2021, appeal number 6372/2020).
12 The CNMC joins the larger trend on investigating conduct by “big tech”, in this case against Apple and Amazon.
13 Reform of the Competition Act. 
14  EU law / European Commission activity / Vertical Agreements. The European Commission publishes a revised draft Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and Guidelines. 
15 EU law / Car manufacturers.  The European Commission fines car manufacturers €875 million for restricting competition in emission cleaning for new diesel passenger cars. 
16 EU Law / Yen Interest Rate Derivatives trading market.  The European Commission re-adopts its decision and fines ICAP €6.45 million for facilitating several cartels in Yen Interest Rate Derivatives trading market.
17 EU Law / Judicial activity / SUMAL Judgement.  The Court of Justice endorses downward liability by deciding that parties harmed by anticompetitive conduct may claim damages directly against subsidiary companies (Judgement of the Court of Justice of 6 October 2021, case C-822/19). 
18 EU Law / Judicial activity / Damages Directive.  AG Rantos’ opinion on the temporal scope of the Antitrust Damages Directive.
19 US law / Judicial activity / Epic Games Inc. v. Apple Inc.   The Judge concludes that Apple does not have a monopoly (Judgement of the US Court of the Northern District of California of 10 September 2021, Epic v. Apple).

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