Competition Bulletin November 2017

Table of Contents

01  Spain / Mergers: selected merger decisions adopted in Spain between May and October 2017. 
02  Spain / Abuse of Dominance / IMS Health: the NMCC closes proceedings against IMS Health by means of a commitments decision (Decision of 13 July 2017, file S/DC/0567/15 Estudios de Mercado Industria Farmacéutica). 
03  Spain / Abuse of Dominance / Nokia: the NMCC fines Nokia for abuse of dominant position (Decision of 8 June 2017, file S/DC/0557/15 NOKIA). 
04  Spain / Restrictive Agreements / Spanish Basketball Clubs Association: the NMCC has fined Spanish Basketball Associations for charging excessive, unequal and discriminatory economic-administrative conditions (Decision of 11 April 2017, file S/DC/0558/15 ACB). 
05  Spain / Restrictive Agreements / Schweppes: the NMCC closes proceedings against Schweppes by means of a commitments decision (Decision of 29 June 2017, file S/DC/0548/15 SCHWEPPES).  Reference to the Advocate General’s opinion in Schweppes trade mark matter (case C-291/16 Schweppes SA v Red Paralela SL). 
06  Spain / Restrictive Agreements / Medicinal gases: the NMCC closes the medical gases investigation due to insufficient evidence (Decision of 13 July 2017, file S/DC/0561/15 GASES MEDICINALES). 
07  Spain / Gun-jumping / Consenur: the NMCC has fined Consenur for failure to notify the acquisition of certain assets of Cathisa Medioambiente (Decision of 14 March 2017, file SNC/DC/0074/16 CONSENUR). 
08 Spain / Monitoring of Merger Remedies / Telefonica/Digital+ merger Decision: Telefonica should compensate competitors for excess payments in the rental of pay-TV channels resulting from the Telefonica/Digital+ merger conditions (Decision of 4 May 2017, file VC/0612/14 TELEFONICA/DTS). 
09 Spain / Judicial Activity / Telephone operators: the High Court has annulled the fine imposed by the NMCC on Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange resulting from the investigation on excessive pricing in the SMS and MMS market (Judgment of 1 September 2017, case 036/2013). 
10 Spain / Judicial Activity / Repsol: the High Court reverses Repsol antitrust fine (Judgment of 28 July 2017, case 7/2015).
11 EU law / Judicial Activity / Intel: the ECJ quashes the Judgment of the General Court confirming the EC decision that fined Intel in 2009 (Judgment of 6 September 2017, C-413/14 P). 
12 EU law / Mergers / Banco Santander-Banco Popular: Banco Santander wins EU approval to acquire Banco Popular, after Article 7 ECMR derogation decision based on the EU mechanism for insolvent financial institutions.  

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