Competition Bulletin February 2023

Table of Contents

01  Representative CNMC merger decisions, December 2022 – February 2023. 
02  Merger control / Gun-jumping.  The CNMC fines telecommunications operator Xfera Móviles €1.5 million for gun-jumping (Decision of 21 December 2022, XFERA, file SNC/DC/144/22).
03  Merger control / Wedding planning.  The CNMC approves with commitments the purchase of Zankyou by Wedding Planner (WEDDING PLANNER/ZANKYOU VENTURES, file C/1318/22). 
04  Merger control / Legal databases.  The CNMC approves with commitments the acquisition of Thomson Reuters Spain, Wolters Kluwer Spain, and Wolters Kluwer France by Karnov (Decision of 2 November 2022, KARNOV/TR ESPAÑA/WA ESPAÑA, file C/1295/22).
05  Merger control / Artificial reproduction.  The CNMC clears KKR’s acquisition of IVI, subject to commitments (Decision of 21 December 2022, KKR/IVI, file C/1321/22). 
06  CNMC antitrust activity / Vertical agreements.  The CNMC closes antitrust proceedings against ISDIN, S.A., by means of commitments Decision (Decision of 30 December 2022, ISDIN, file S/0049/19).
07  CNMC antitrust activity / Recycling market.  The CNMC has adopted interim measures to guarantee publicity and transparency in the upcoming waste auctions organized by Ecoembes (Decision of 29 December 2022, SUBASTAS ECOEMBES, file S/0021/21).  
08 CNMC antitrust activity / Insurance.  CNMC ends antitrust proceedings against DKV by means of a commitments Decision (Decision of 8 February 2023, DKV COBERTURAS AUTONOMOS, file S/0030/20). 
09 Supreme Court activity / Legal costs.  The Supreme Court rejects the appeals filed by the bar Associations of Madrid, Guadalajara and Las Palmas and confirms its antitrust fines in connection with collective price recommendations by professionals Bar Associations (Judgements of the Supreme Court of 19 December 2022, appeal number 7573/2022, of 23 December 2022, appeal number 7583/2022, and of 23 December 2022, appeal number 8404/2022). 
10 Public consultation / CNMC.  Implementation of the disqualification of antitrust offenders to participate in public procurement (15 November 2022). 
 11 High Court activity / Anticompetitive agreements – Abuse of dominance.  The High Court quashes a decision issued by the CNMC fining company Istobal (High Court judgment of 29 July 2022, appeal number 355/2016 (recently published)). 
12 Judge of first instance activit / Antitrust damages.  Antitrust damages resulting from an abuse of dominant position in the collective management of intellectual property rights (Madrid Court of First Instance judgment of 22 March 2022, NH Hoteles v. EGEDA, appeal number 2250/2019). 
13 Madrid Provincial Court activit / Interim measures.  Madrid Provincial Court Order on interim measures on appeal against the prior Order from the judge of first instance deciding to revoke prior interim measures (Madrid Provincial Court Order of 30 January 2023, appeal number 1578/2022). 
14 European Court of Justice activity / Super League.  Opinion of the Advocate General Rantos of 15 December 2022 European Super League, case C-333/21. 

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