Competition Bulletin March 2018

Table of Contents

01  Spain / Mergers: selected merger decisions adopted in Spain between December 2017 and March 2017. 
02  Spain / Restrictive agreements / Cables: the NMCC imposes fines totalling €44.7 million in low and medium voltage cables cartel case (Decision of 21 November 2017, file S/DC/0562/15, CABLES BT/MT).
03  Spain / Abuse of Dominance / Associations: the NMCC fines the national horse breeders association for abusing its dominant position (Decision of 21 November 2017, file S/DC/0580/16, CRIADORES DE CABALLOS 2).
04  Spain / Remedies / Renfe: the NMCC limits Renfe so that their competitors can count on enough machinists and develop their activity (Decision of 21 December 2017, file STP/DTSP/053/17). 
05  Spain / Judicial activity: the High Court has annulled the fine on Rua Papel Gestión SL resulting from the investigation on market allocation practices in the markets (High Court Judgment of 28 December 2017, case 139/2015). 
06  EU law / Judicial activity / Coty: the ECJ rules in favour of restrictions on the use of platforms in a selective distribution system for luxury products (ECJ Judgment of 6 December 2017, case C-230/16).
07  Eu law / Judicial activity / Uber: the ECJ declared Uber a transport company, not an information service provider (ECJ Judgment of 20 December 2017, case C-434/15).
08 EU law / Judicial activity / Schweppes: the ECJ defines criteria on imports of UK Schweppes products to Spain (ECJ Judgment of 20 December 2017, case C-291/16). 
09 EU law / Judicial activity / Remedies: the ECJ questions validity of commitments procedure under EU competition law (ECJ Judgment of 23 November 2017, case C-547/16).
10 EU law / Judicial activity / State aid digital terrestrial television platform: the ECJ clears DTT subsidies in Spain (ECJ Judgment of 20 December 2017, case C-70/16P).
11 Analysis of the NMCC Decision on price-fixing of financial derivatives negotiated in connection with syndicated loans (Decision of 13 February 2018, file S/DC/0579/16, DERIVADOS FINANCIEROS).

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