Competition Bulletin September 2015


Table of Contents

01  Mergers: The Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (NMCC)approves the acquisition of DISTRIBUIDORA DE TELEVISIÓN DIGITAL S.A. by TELEFÓNICA DE CONTENIDOS S.A.U. subject to remedies on second phase (Decision of 23 April 2015, file C/0612/14).
02  Restrictive practices: The NMCC imposes fines upon several oil companies totalling €32 million for price-fixing, market and sensitive information sharing (Decision 20 February 2015, file S/0474/13).
03  Restrictive practices: The NMCC has imposed fines totalling €57.7 million on 18 companies and one trade association operating in the markets of paper and corrugated cardboard manufacturing (Decision of 18 June 2015, file S/0463/13). 
04  Restrictive practices:The NMCC has imposed fines totalling €171 million on 21 automobile manufacturing and distributing companies in Spain, as well as two consulting companies, for anti-competitive practices (Decision of 23 July 2015, file S/0482/13).
05  Restrictive practices: The NMCC has fined Telefónica and DTS €15.5 million for the unlawful marketing of football broadcasting rights (Decision of 24 July 2015, file S/0436/12).
06  Regulation: New trade Regulation applicable to the marketing of football events broadcasting rights.
07  Regulation: Public consultation: Amendment to the NMCC Notice on the merger cases resulting from the application of the short form filing.
08 Judicial activity: The High Court clarifies rules to calculate deadlines for punishing proceedings initiated by the NMCC (Judgments of 9 and 20 March 2015).
09 Judicial activity: Dawn raids: the Supreme Court has annulled two fines imposed by the National Competition Commission to a Spanish Shipping Company (Judgments of 1 June 2015).

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