Competition Bulletin June 2018


Table of Contents

01  Spain / Mergers: selected merger decisions adopted in Spain between March 2018 and June 2018. 
02  Spain / Mergers: The National Markets and Competition Commission (NMCC) clears the merger of the three card payment systems operating in Spain (Decision of 1 February 2018, file C/0911/17, SERVIRED/ SISTEMA 4B/ EURO 6000).
03  Spain / Restrictive agreements / Institutional advertising: The NMCC fines five companies and three company executives for bid-rigging of public tenders for institutional advertising services (Decision of 3 May 2018, file S/DC/0584/16, AGENCIAS DE MEDIOS).  
04  Spain / Restrictive agreements / Courier services: The NMCC fines ten courier and parcel companies (Decision of 8 March 2018, S/DC/0578/16, MENSAJERIA Y PAQUETERIA EMPRESARIAL).
05  Spain / Judicial activity / Gun-jumping:  An acquisition of a mobile operator is a concentration that (due to the nature of the markets affected) must invariably be notified for merger control in Spain when the concentration has national dimension (Supreme Court Judgment of 31 October 2017, case 3648/2017).
06  Spain/ Judicial activity / Abuse: The Supreme Court restricts the concept of abuse of dominant position (Supreme Court Judgment of 5 February 2018, case 2808/2015). 
07  Spain/ Judicial activity / Abuse: The Supreme Court orders restarting the investigation of a complaint against Oracle for abuse of dominant position (Supreme Court Judgment of 10 April 2018, case 3568/2015). 
08 EU law / Judicial activity: The Competition Appeal Tribunal refers GSK’s paroxetine pay-for-delay case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) (Order for reference for a preliminary ruling of 27 May 2018, case CE/9531-11).  
09 EU law / Judicial activity: The ECJ receives the first request for a preliminary ruling on the EU Damages Directive.
10 EU law / Judicial activity / Gun-jumping: The European Commission fines Altice €125 million for gun jumping; and the European Court of Justice clarifies the concept of ‘gun-jumping’ under EU merger control law.   
11 Case comment: Syndicated financial instruments and antitrust: the recent price-fixing investigation related to derivative products in project-finance transactions in Spain.

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