Competition Bulletin December 2019


Table of Contents

01  Mergers.  Selected merger decisions adopted in Spain between July-December 2019.
02  Mergers / Phase II.  The CNMC opens an in-depth review in the purchase of Cemex España’s assets by Çimsa Cimento (file C/1052/19: ÇIMSA/ ACTIVOS CEMEX).
03  Mergers / Gun-jumping.  NUFRI, Sociedad Agraria de Transformación A.P.A. (NUFRI) has breached its obligation to notify a concentration prior to its implementation (file C/1047/19, NUFRI/ INDULLEIDA).
04  Restrictive agreements / Milk supply.  The CNMC has fined eight companies that operate in the raw milk market (Decision of 11 July 2019, INDUSTRIAS LÁCTEAS 2, file S/0425/12).
05  Restrictive agreements / Mercabarna.  Fines on the Wholesalers Fish Association of Mercabarna for imposing certain conditions to their members in sales to fish retailers (Decision of 28 June 2019, Mayoristas Mercado Central de Pescado, file nº90/2017)
06  Restrictive agreements / Industrial assembly and maintenance sector.  The CNMC has stripped down a cartel organized by 19 companies active in the industrial assembly and maintenance sector (Decision of 1 October 2019, Montaje y Mantenimiento Industrial, S/DC/0612/17).
07  Vertical restraints: network of vertical agreements foreclosing the television advertising market. (Decision of 12 November 2019, Atresmedia/Mediaset, case S/DC/0617/17)
08 Judicial activity / Repsol.   The Supreme Court rules against Repsol and confirms the CNMC’s fine, overturning the prior High Court Judgements of 28 July 2017, appeal number 7/2015 and 22 December 2017, appeal number 3/2015 (Supreme Court Judgements of 23 May 2019, appeal number 2117/2018 and of 27 May 2019, appeal number 5326/2017).
09 Preliminary ruling – Harbors/cargo handling sector. The CNMC seeks a preliminary ruling from the CJEU in connection with the Framework Agreement for the cargo handling sector (Agreement of 12 June 2019 requesting a preliminary ruling to the CJEU pursuant Article 267 Treaty of the Functioning of European Union (TFEU) and staying proceedings, Acuerdo Marco de la Estiba, file S/DC/0619/17).
10 Regulation. Spain follows up on the European Commission Regulation on Coordination of Foreign Investment with its own Foreign Investment Screening Regulation.
 11  Regulation. New regulated remuneration of renewable generation in Spain.  

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